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Seeking international abolition of the death industries,
including meat, leather, fur and bloodsports


Who We Are

The Abolition Party is a not-for-profit service based in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

What We Do

The Abolition Party certifies abolitionist political parties and political candidates around the world. Certification as an abolitionist party or candidate indicates that the given party or individual has committed to legal abolition of the death industries.

"Death industry" signifies any enterprise that enables or engages in (i) buying or selling of dead animals (or any part thereof) or (ii) killing animals for entertainment or profit.

"Animal" signifies any organism classified in the Animalia kingdom in a five- or six-kingdom taxonomic system.

Death industries include but are not limited to:

  • Meat (e.g., beef, pork, mutton/wool, poultry/egg, seafood, veal/dairy) industry
  • Leather industry
  • Fur industry
  • Vivisection (for experimentation and testing purposes)
  • Bloodsports (e.g., bullfighting, cockfighting, dogfighting) industry

Certification of Political Parties. In order to be certified by the Abolition Party, a political party must demonstrate that legal abolition of the death industries is an official "plank" in that party's platform. Such demonstration requires both (i) a signed, notarized declaration by party official and (ii) proof of party's public notice that the party is committed to abolition.

Certification of Political Candidates. In order to be certified by the Abolition Party, a political candidate must provide a signed, notarized declaration indicating that he or she is committed to the legal abolition of the death industries and will support and vote for (when applicable) abolitionist legislation and policies.

Why Get Certified?

Once a party or candidate is certified, that party or candidate can include the Abolition logo on promotional materials, such as websites, indicating such certification. This step allows the abolitionist and animal rights community in the given nation or state to know that their support of the candidate or party is justified.

What About People Who Work in the Death Industries?

Death industry workers, including professional killers (e.g., sealers, whalers, slaughterhouse workers, bullfighters) and killing staff members (e.g., company owners, administrators, skinners, tanners, butchers, packagers, leather shoemakers, distributors, retailers) also vote. These workers may be rightfully concerned about post-abolition employment.

However, the Abolition Party declaration includes a sworn statement by the declarant that he or she will vigorously support legislation and funding necessary to (i) retrain former death industry participants so as to qualify them fully for employment in legitimate industries and (ii) generate such job opportunities for them.

Contact Us

Get Certified. If you would like to get your candidacy or your party Abolition Party-certified, please check back at http://www.abolitionparty.org in a few weeks.

Volunteer. If you would like to serve as a volunteer in promoting the abolitionist cause, please check back at http://www.abolitionparty.org in a few weeks.


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